Vé tàu từ rạch giá đi phú quốc

RoutesDepart time Arrival timeEconomy classVIP class
Rach Gia-Phu Quoc7:0009:30340,000 VND540,000 VND
Phu Quoc – Rach Gia7:1009:40340,000 VND540,000 VND

Notes for price and cancelation policy :

♣.FOC for childrens under 05 years old but cốt truyện the seat with adults

♣.Childrens from 06 – 11 years old, elders over 60 years old : 270,000 VND each

♣.VIP class is fix price for all ages

♣.Cancellations or any change are possible with a 20% cancellation fee if you cancel up lớn 2 days before departure.

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How to lớn book tickets ?

After having filled in the information requested for the Booking Form below , your credit card will be charged so that you can collect your tickets sent to your email.You can receive your ticket(s) in electronic format (PDF) via email or Whats app , no later than 02 hours working time (7:00 a:m – 19:00 ) since your payment.By displaying Etickets on điện thoại screen , along with your ID card or Passport ,you are be able lớn board the Phu Quoc Express .


Can I bring mortobike or bycycle along with ? If Yes, how much ?

For Phu Quoc Express boat – You can bring scooter with you but must make reservation for mortobike space once when you book Etiket .Otherwise it may be full,no more space for your mortorbike for check -in. Mortobike cost is from 150,000 VND up to 400,000 VND ( depends on how big your mortobike is ) that included all fees và services. Bycycles are at 70,000 VND và no need khổng lồ make reservation inadvance.

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Payment on boarding

Can I bring my Pets ?

Yes, you can but you can not bring him in to passenger room . You can leave him behind of the boat,near mortobike space or bring him up khổng lồ outdoor boarding. Please take a lưu ý that we have no any responsiblity to take care or guarantee him.