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There"s so much lớn bởi in central Vietphái nam that you should consider basing yourself in the Da Nang area for around a week (or more). However, there"s no need to lớn miss out if time is short. With the distance between the Da Nang & Hoi An minimal, it is easy to lớn cherry-piông xã the highlights of both cities, as well as lớn devote an entire day khổng lồ Csi Isl&, an offshore haven for diving, snorkeling, & lazing around.

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The Old Quarter of Hoi An is incredibly well preserved và photogenic. Head there at nightfall when the lanterns are lit và begin snapping some incredibly beautiful photos. Between the lanterns, the gorgeous architecture, the boats, & the...

I used khổng lồ hotline Hoi An "The Venice of Vietnam" as its narrow streets and colorful houses remind me of Venice. The city is well-known for its lanterns. Highly recommended to lớn stop by for few days, here in the center of Vietphái mạnh.

Central Vietnam was once the seat of the Kingdom of Champage authority, which held sway over the area for over 1000 years before being absorbed và annexed by the Vietnamese state in 1832. This fine museum has the world"s largest collection of Cmê mệt artefacts...

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The Han River is undoubtedly the most defining characteristic of Danang and the broad waterway is especially alluring in the evening. Several cruise boats ply the water, offering guests the chance khổng lồ observe sầu the lights on the city"s various...

Offering sleek & stylish accommodations set in the CBD, Novotel Danang Premier Han River makes for a suitable starting point for plush business and holiday travellers exploring this part of Vietnam giới. Novotel Danang Premier Han River has a...
While Hanoi is the bia hoi capital of Vietphái nam, it doesn"t have a monopoly on the world"s cheapest beer. Hoi An is also a great place khổng lồ enjoy a few glasses of the good stuff. There are several bia hoi outlets around town -- just look out for the...

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